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sar's first two 4300 HP SD70mac's pose at the west portal of tunnel 6 shortly after being delivered.  The 4300 hp mac's were tested in helper service but have since been assigned to Intermodal trains where their higher horsepower can be used to advantge.  With the steady increase in traffic volumes sar mangement has looked into purchasing additional ac units in the form of EMD's SD70ACe.





sar's oldest active locomotive, F45 101, leads a manifest train along the shore of Island Lake as it nears the end of it's westbound run over sar's Crowsnest Sub.  A crew change is only minutes away at Crowsnest on the British Columbia / Alberta border. 





sar 705, a 4000hp EMD SD70mac, exits tunnel 6, also known as Crowsnest Tunnel, Westbound with a loaded sulphur train on a beautiful fall day in the Crowsnest Pass.  705, the first unit from sar's second purchase of SD70macs (705-713), was also the first locomotive to be delivered from the factory in the new Platinum and Orange scheme.  The 70mac's are quite popular with crews as they are a vast improvement over the older SD40-2 units that were once the backbone of the sar fleet.




An eclectic lash-up of motive power, led by sar 713, exits tunnel 4 at Hazell with a loaded grain train.  Included in the consist are two sar SD70mac's, a CEFX SD90/43 and a CEFX AC4400.  The CEFX are jointly leased by sar and UP to speed up border transit times as each railroad has different rules regarding lead locomotives.  CEFX units can lead on either railroad.  A power transfer is the likely reason for the abundance of power on this train.




Flared mac 721 leads an Eastbound TOFC train over the grade crossing at Summit Lime Road.  A Union Pacific AC4400CTE helps muscle the relatively light train through the S-curves along Crowsnest Lake.  Affectionately referred to as the Snakepit by crews, there is very little straight track from Crowsnest to Sentinal.  Fast track is ahead as the train makes its way toward Lethbridge and a crew change.





807, a former LMX B39-8, leads trailers East.  sar, searching for reliable 4 axle power in the 90's, obtained 10 B39-8's from GE after Burlington Northern turned the units in after the Power by the Hour contract expired.  Unpopular on sar's steep grades because of their slippery tendencies, they can be found on the mainline from time to time, usually in trailing positions.  The 4 axle GE's can more commonly be found piloting locals both East and West out of Fort Macleod.