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EMD’s F45 was built for Santa Fe, Great Northern in 1968.  Additional units were built for GN successor Burlington Northern in 1971.

A 3600 hp unit the F45 was basically a full bodied SD45.  Santa Fe’s F45’s were well maintained and enjoyed long careers with the railroad they were built for.  GN’s units, now owned by BN on the other hand were purged from the roster earlier.  The ex GN/BN F45’s did however enjoy careers on other railroads and could be found in a multitide of paint schemes including the last remaining F45’s in MRL Blue and NYS&W Black and Yellow.  Some Santa Fe units went onto work with other roads as well .  Most notably Wisconsin Central and Utah Railway.  An excellent resource on F45’s and other EMD cowl units is Sean Graham Whites book “EMD’s Classic Cowls”

The F45 kit is offered in N scale and is designed to fit the Kato SD40/45 mechanism as well as the newer DCC ready Kato SD40 mechanism (not included).  The kit comes undec.

Here’s a parts list for the F45 kit.

Resin parts included in this kit:

1 body
2 pilots
1 front pilot plow (AT&SF)
1 fuel tank
2 dynamic brake fans
3 body mounting brackets

Etched parts included in this kit:

2 pilot mounted handrail assemblies
4 carbody mounted handrails
6 hood side handrails
4 cab side handrails
4 windshield wipers
4 sand hatch caps
1 top inertial screen
2 side inertial small hole screens (AT&SF)
2 inertial corrugated screens (GN/BN)
1 dynamic brake blank hatch
1 dynamic brake hatch with fan holes and fine screens (AT&SF)
1 dynamic brake hatch with fan holes and course screens (GN/BN)
2 headlights
4 class lights
2 cut lever/bracket assemblies
2 cab side window frames
2 cab door window frames
12 side steps
4 jacking pads
2 fuel tank gauges
1 fuel tank round gauge
2 wind deflectors
2 sunshades
5 fan grilles
5 fan blade assemblies
2 fine radiator screens
2 course radiator screens
2 radiator screen supports
1 exhaust grille
4 MU hose assemblies
2 hinged battery box door assemblies
2 ledge mounted battery box door assemblies
4 side steps
1 fuel tank step

$80.00 CDN

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