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SD40-2F Kit 
The EMD SD40-2F is a 3,000 HP Locomotive built solely for the Canadian Pacific Railway.  Basically a SD40-2 in a full-width cowl body, a total of 25 units were built.  They were delivered in1988 and 1989, after the end of production for the regular SD40-2. The engines were CP's only cowl units, and have been nicknamed "Red Barns" by Railfans.  Equipped with Locotrol, they spent the early part of their carrers in western bulk train service until bumped to the general pool by AC4400’s in 1995.  As they were CP’s most modern 3000 HP units they found a new home out east in hauling CP’s hottest dedicated Expressway trains.  All 25 units remain in service as and can be found system wide.

Kits are offered in both HO and N scales.

The HO kit consists of a one-piece undecorated resin shell with cast resin pilots, plow, and a few other resin detail parts (jacking pads, winter hatch, ditch-lights etc.).

Etched parts include antennas, rad grills, fan covers, DB grills and fan, winter hatch screening, lift rings, coupler lift bars, dust bin cover, exhaust stack, window frames, step treads, windshield wipers, door handles, handrail stanchions etc.
Laser cut window glazing is included as well as stand-alone grab irons.
The kit is meant to be used with a Kato SD40-2 mechanism, not included.

$105.00 CDN

The N scale SD40-2F kit consists of a one piece undecorated bodyshell.  Pilots are separate resin castings as are ditch-lights, winter-hatch housing and jacking pads.  Etched metal parts include fan covers, radiator screens, winter hatch screen, DB fan and grid, end handrails, window frames, antennas, exhaust stack, dustbin filter, coupler lift bars etc.  Laser cut window glazing is also included.

$80.00 CDN







N Scale models by Steve Wiedmer