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I have had the priveledge of being featured in N Scale railroading several times.


My first published article appeared in NSR in the Jul/Aug 01 issue.  It was written from a Railfan's perspective during a day long railfanning trip.  The old layout was featured in a photo journey on the sar's west end.








A complete overview of the old layout appeared in the Mar/Apr 02 NSR.  A trackplan was featured as well.  The layout was about to be dismantled and if you look closely in one of the photos you can already see where demolition has begun.









I wrote an article on exposed rock tunnel liners that appeared in the Jan/Feb 05 issue.  I was told that this may have been the first time a baking recipe was published in a model RR magazine.








Talus was the topic in May/Jun 05.  I had found a unique way to create mounds and mounds of Talus.  The article sparked some debate as to the validity of my methods.  Hey what can I say.  That's the way I make Talus!!








In Sep/Oct of 05 sar said goodbye to it's big GE fleet.  The old DC units were being sent back at the end of their leases as more EMD SD70mac's were coming on-line.  The diesel planner didn't disppoint Railfans on this day.