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The F45/FP45 superdetail kit is the same etched metal fret that comes with the F45 kit and comes with a placement diagram for the parts. 
Here is a list of parts included on the fret.
2 pilot mounted handrail assemblies
4 Carbody mounted handrails
6 hood side handrails
4 cab side handrails
4 windshield wipers
4 sand hatch caps
1 top inertial screen
2 side inertial small hole screens (AT&SF)
2 inertial corrugated screens (GN/BN)
1 dynamic brake blank hatch
1 dynamic brake hatch with fan holes and fine screens (AT&SF)
1 dynamic brake hatch with fan holes and course screens (GN/BN)
2 headlights
4 class lights
2 cut lever/bracket assemblies
2 cab side window frames
2 cab door window frames
12 side steps
4 jacking pads
2 fuel tank gauges
1 fuel tank round gauge
2 wind deflectors
2 sunshades
5 fan grilles
5 fan blade assemblies
2 fine radiator screens
2 course radiator screens
2 radiator screen supports
1 exhaust grille
4 MU hose assemblies
2 hinged battery box door assemblies
2 ledge mounted battery box door assemblies
4 side steps
1 fuel tank step
$30.00 Canadian